The Zodiac Candle Collection

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Looking for something else? Check out our rose-quartz infused Signature Candle.


Inspired by our Signature Rose Quartz Crystal Candle, our Zodiac Crystal Candle Collection is available for a limited time only, featuring twelve candles, one for each zodiac sign.

The perfect gift for astrology lovers, every candle in the collection contains moon-charged crystals individually selected to support the unique energies of each zodiac sign. Earthy, grounded, and harmonious, Kelsey’s favorite scents of amber, vanilla, and sandalwood combine to smell like a warm embrace. Hand-poured soy wax melts down to reveal one-of-a-kind crystals that can be added to your altar or carried in your pocket; their protective energy remains with you long after the candle is gone.


Our collection of healing Zodiac Crystals:

Aries - Citrine - strength & success

Taurus -  Aventurine - abundance & good fortune

Gemini - Blue Lace Agate - metal rest & calm

Cancer - Moonstone - reflection & growth

Leo - Tiger's Eye - confidence & willpower

Virgo - Amazonite - self-awareness & self-compassion

Libra - Ametrine - balance & decision making

Scorpio - Rhodochrosite - awareness & empathy

Sagittarius - Lapis Lazuli - guidance & learning

Capricorn - Onyx - regeneration & protection

Aquarius - Amethyst - openness & productivity 

Pisces - Aquamarine - self-healing & strength

Read more on our healing crystal blog.


Candle Care: Trim wooden wick to 1/4 inch. To preserve longevity of candle scent, do not burn for more than 4 hours in one sitting. Never leave a lit candle unattended.

8 oz / 226 g

Ingredients: 100% Soy Wax, Wood Wick, Cork Lid, Essential Oil Blend