The Rose Quartz Gua Sha Massage Tool

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Rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine, this gua sha massage tool is used along with a centuries-old technique to encourage lymphatic drainage for smoother-looking skin. Crafted from our signature moon-charged Rose Quartz, this tool acts as a little armor for your open heart during your morning or evening skincare routine. According to mystics around the world, Rose Quartz has the power to soothe the hurt of loss, align desire with pure intent, and even act as a force field that keeps good energy in and dark energy out.

You loved the gua sha massage tool in our original gift set; now you can add it on to any Blossom & Stone purchase. We recommend trying it with our Signature Face Oil or Zodiac Face Oil. Both increase circulation and moisturize while being effective for all skin types.


Suggested Use: Apply Face Oil as directed. Using gentle but firm pressure, massage the face, beginning at the middle and moving outward. Use for 3-5 minutes for a daily facial massage ritual.

100% Rose Quartz. Due to natural variations in stones, each tool will be unique and color will vary slightly from photos.


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